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Hip Arthritis Treatment

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Pain and stiffness in the hip can have a big impact on how well you can function in life. It can affect your ability to walk, stand, and run. I have also had clients with hip arthritis who were having back pain because of it, difficulty sleeping, and even trouble getting their shoes and socks on. For some people, having their hip replaced is a good option. However, it is not for everyone. If you are relatively young-in your 40s through early 60s- you may be better off doing all you can to put off the surgery  as long as possible. Also, not everyone has a great outcome from a hip replacement so, it is not uncommon for some people to be hesitant with moving forward with the surgery. My goal is to help younger people and people who are hesitant to have a surgery, get back to being active and healthy, despite being diagnosed with hip arthritis. 

We used to think that joint arthritis was the result of wear and tear and, for some people with previous trauma (surgeries/injuries) to the knee, it is. But for the majority of people, new research on pain related to arthritis shows that the symptoms we feel may be more related to our metabolic health-blood glucose levels, blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, cholesterol levels. All of these can be improved with changes in our activity level and diet. However, when you experience pain from arthritis, it definitely can make it harder to be active and healthier. But, with the right treatment and guidance, you can. 

The approach we utilize to help people with knee arthritis focuses on helping you become more active and healthier despite being diagnosed as having arthritis. We use hands-on techniques to help with pain and improve mobility, find exercises that you can currently tolerate to help with joint health and overall fitness, and guide you through lifestyle changes to improve your diet, sleep, body weight, and metabolic health. With this approach, we have found that many people are able to prolong the time in which a surgery is needed and some have even been able to avoid surgery altogether.

If you would like to talk with me to see if this program is for you, just click on the button below and share your contact information, and I will reach out to you to find a time where we can talk on the phone initially.

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