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 Pain caused by hip or knee arthritis can be very limiting. I know- I have an arthritic knee from having many knee surgeries when I was younger. When we begin to have this pain when we are relatively younger, having the arthritis joint replaced is not a good option. Unfortunately, continuing to limit physical activity and exercise that keeps us healthy is not a good option either! No one has ever died from arthritis, but the inactivity caused by the pain can lead to more serious health issues that can limit our lifespan. We don’t want that to happen to you. 

If you have been diagnosed with hip or knee arthritis and been told that you are “too young” to have it replaced, we are here to help you. There is a large body of evidence that the pain and limitation in activity caused by arthritis pain can be helped without surgery. Although we cannot change the arthritis in your hip or knee, the pain you feel can be changed with the right treatment. Our program takes a holistic approach aimed at improving your general health in spite of your arthritis diagnosis. Consisting of hands-on treatment to decrease pain and improve mobility or your affected joint, progressive exercises to improve strength of the supporting musculature around your joint, and education about activity and general health, we aim to help decrease your pain, maintain or improve your health and activity level, and prolong the time for when a joint replacement may be a better option-or no option at all. Want to know if this program is right for you? Click on the button below so we can talk.

Benefits You Will Gain

ProMotion Physical Therapy offers a ray of hope and relief for individuals suffering from arthritis, providing a pathway to a pain-free life. Through a carefully tailored regimen of exercises, stretches, and specialized treatments, ProMotion Physical Therapy helps arthritis patients regain mobility, reduce inflammation, and manage pain effectively. This approach not only enhances joint flexibility but also strengthens the surrounding muscles, reducing the strain on arthritic joints. Moreover, the personalized care and guidance provided by experienced therapists empower patients to better understand and manage their condition, leading to improved overall quality of life. ProMotion Physical Therapy serves as a beacon of hope for those grappling with arthritis, offering them the opportunity to regain their independence, pursue their passions, and enjoy life without the limitations of chronic pain.

  • Your X Rays have shown you have arthritis in the hip or knee but you were told you are too young for a replacement surgery
  • You have been told you need a surgery but want to do all you can to avoid it or put it off for as long as possible
  • Your knee swells when you are up on your feet for a while
  • You have pain in your groin or buttock region with walking
  • Going up and down stairs has become more difficult
  • You are experiences stiffness in your hip when you try to cross your legs or bend forward to get your shoes and socks on
  • You have had to stop some of the things you enjoy because of hip or knee pain
  • You cannot sleep because your hip or knee pain wakes you at night
  • You are noticing painful clicking and/or popping coming from your knee
  • You are wondering what can be done besides surgery and injections to help your hip or knee and get you back to being able to be more active

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