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How We Help

As we get older one of the worst things that happens to us is that we gradually lose muscle mass and strength. This starts to show up in us, noting that things we used to be able to do are becoming harder-we walk slower, do not tolerate household work or sporting activities like we used to, it is harder to get out of chairs or up and down stairs, we feel stiffer, and our balance may not be as good as it used to be.

The good news is that this gradual decline can be slowed, and even reversed, with consistent strength, mobility, and balance training. That is what our “ Fit 4 Longevity” program is all about. We want to help you stay functioning at the highest level as possible for as long as possible. Our programs- Group Classes or 1:1 Personal Training- are designed to help you do that.

Benefits You Will Gain

Exercise in general, and strength training in particular, has been shown to have many benefits for us not only in the present, but also years down the road. You can experience improved balance, increased ease with doing your normal activities, weight loss, improvement in your blood sugar/insulin resistance, increased energy, and improved mood. In addition, strength training has been shown to combat the age-related loss of strength that occurs as we get older and from a cognitive perspective, it has been shown to combat the cognitive decline that many people experience. 

By signing up for one of our groups or working with us 1:1, you will be led by a fitness/health professional and have the confidence knowing that you are doing what you need to do to improve your health and also doing it in a safe way.

Can You Relate?

  • You know that exercise/strength training is important but don’t know how to safely start.
  • Things that you used to do easily, now feel harder-getting out of chairs, opening jars, carrying things, doing yard work.
  • Your balance feels a little “off.”
  • Going up and down stairs is becoming harder.
  • You feel stiff all the time or are experiencing more aches and pains.
  • You have been gradually putting on extra weight as you have gotten older.
  • You have been told that your blood sugar levels are becoming higher or you have been diagnosed with diabetes.
  • You are noting that the muscles in your arms and legs are becoming smaller over the years.

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