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Interested In Getting Our Help With Post-Surgical Recovery?

Rebuild & Heal After Your Surgery

Post-surgical therapy, also known as postoperative rehabilitation or post-surgery rehabilitation, plays a vital role in the recovery process for individuals who have undergone surgical procedures. This form of therapy offers a wide range of benefits that contribute to a more successful and expedited recovery, improved quality of life, and better long-term outcomes for patients.

One of the primary benefits of post-surgical therapy is pain management. Surgery often leads to discomfort and pain as the body heals. Postoperative rehabilitation programs are designed to address this pain by providing pain-relief strategies and techniques, such as targeted exercises, manual therapy, and modalities like heat or cold therapy. This not only helps alleviate immediate post-surgery discomfort but also reduces the risk of chronic pain and the need for long-term pain medication.

Post-surgical therapy also promotes faster recovery and a reduced risk of complications. By working closely with healthcare professionals, patients can follow a structured rehabilitation plan that is tailored to their specific surgical procedure and individual needs. This personalized approach minimizes the likelihood of complications like infections or blood clots, ensuring a smoother recovery journey.

Post-surgical therapy is an integral component of the recovery process, offering a multitude of benefits. It helps manage pain, restore function and mobility, reduce the risk of complications, and provide emotional support during a challenging period. By participating in postoperative rehabilitation, individuals can enhance their recovery experience, regain their independence, and ultimately enjoy an improved quality of life.

For me my appointments with Bob were life changing. I am now back into functioning mode after the professional and personal care I received from Bob. He helped me through his knowledge of the human body and pain with actual intensive physical work on his part, exercise guidance and life coaching. Additionally, his thoughts on mind/body awareness to bring things back to balance is truly eye opening. I not only see Bob as a stellar physical therapist, but a really good human being who cares deeply about his patients and his profession. I don’t even know how to thank him.
Sally B.
Bob was amazing in helping me recover from to knee replacements in 2 months. He clearly personalized my therapy to fit my abilities and my recovery schedule. At the end of my therapy, he even came out to my on-site gym and greater a follow-up program designed to keep my progress going. We additionally shared additional information and studies on knee replacements, back pain and other areas. He is an amazing therapist to work with!!
Jo A.

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