We help people age 40+ stay active, healthy, and enjoying the things they want to do their entire lives!

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How We Help

At ProMotion, we believe that staying active and doing things we enjoy is the key to healthy aging. For some of us, “staying active” involves competition-running races, triathlons, road and/or mountain bike races. Our goal is to keep you competing at the highest level you can without being limited.

We offer help for managing injuries in a way that allows you to keep training, programs to decrease your risk of injury and improve your performance as well as physiologic testing that allows you to know if your training is on track to allow you to be the best you can be.

Benefits You’ll Gain

Choosing to participate in the Promotion Physical Therapy Master Athlete Academy offers a myriad of invaluable benefits for seasoned athletes. This specialized academy provides a unique platform for athletes to elevate their performance, minimize injury risk, manage injuries, and improve their overall athletic prowess. You will be working with a therapist who is an endurance athlete himself and understands the physical and psychological benefits of participating in endurance sports not only for competition but also for aging healthy and strong. Driven by the desire to keep you training at your highest level without being limited by pain or injury, the ProMotion Master Athlete Program empowers athletes to achieve their full potential and continue thriving in their chosen sport, even as they age.

  • You’ve been feeling some pain, rested it, but it keeps coming back
  • Find yourself constantly dealing with little pains and injuries
  • Feeling stiffer and “older” than you used to
  • Not performing as you well as you did a few years ag
  • Have been elsewhere for help and did not get all the way back to where you want to be
  • Been told “it is just a part of getting older”
  • Been advised to stop doing what you are doing

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