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Many common musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, muscle strains, tendon pain, and sport injuries can be helped with online visits

ProMotion Physical Therapy

The Master Athlete Academy

Stay competitive no matter what your age. Whether you are recovering from injury, want to decrease your risk of injury, or learn how to perform at your best, we can help.


If you are experiencing pain, let’s take control of your health and get back to living life to the fullest with a treatment plan specialised for you

Fit 4

This program is aimed at helping people aged 50+ become and stay healthy their entire lives  by improving their metabolic health, strength, mobility, and balance.

Too Young to Replace

For a “younger”person diagnosed with hip or knee arthritis, having the joint replaced may not be the best option. We offer a specialized program aimed at helping people with pain and limitation in activity caused by hip or knee arthritis.

Online Visits

Many common musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, muscle strains, tendon pain, and sport injuries can be helped with online visits

Get the 1:1 personal, individualized care that you deserve so you can live life to its fullest

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ProMotion Physical Therapy

CrossFit One Shot
I’ve been referring clients of mine to Bob for years. When I was faced with my biggest injury, I immediately reached out to Bob. I chose to work with him because he’s a master at his craft. He’s a top of the line Physical Therapist. He’s a front of the pack Athlete. He also says it straight forward. He doesn’t sugar coat the road to recovery. He tells you and shows you exactly what you need to get back to functioning in the capacity you were before your injury. In my specific injury we’re taking baby steps to get back to coaching in my gym and running on the trail. I’m confident that we will get there faster and more efficiently working under Bobs care. 10+ out 10!
Nola Krueger
I came to see Bob almost two years after having back surgery (microdiscsectomy on L4 disc). Due to the loss of nerve function in my right leg right before I has surgery a lot of my therapy was focused on getting that function back and not much was done with my back. After I was able to fully use my leg again I noticed more of he pain I had in my back. Fast forward to summer of 2021 and my pain was at its worst and I was severely limited in my mobility again. I saw another PT for most of the summer who limited my movements even more, no bending etc. and saw no improvements with that or their techniques. It came to them telling me “I don’t know what is wrong with you” to finally leave. After a lot of research, I found ProMotion and decided to move forward with a new approach to my pain. When I came to see Bob I was in so much pain with very little movement. Not only did Bob encourage movement, he got me to start doing moves and exercises I never thought I could do again. He took a physical approach, but also a mental one too. Which is what I needed. I needed to tell myself that I could do these things and to make sure that people stopped discouraging me from doing thing because of my back. When you constantly think about pain and have people telling you you shouldn’t do this or that it does take a toll on you and really sets you back. As I write this, I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and my back still feels better then it had pre surgery. I owe this progress to Bob and for him setting me up for success. Feeling better still comes with work, I still do daily exercises and make sure I keep active. Yes, pregnancy has it days where I feel stiff but the pain and limited mobility is nothing like I felt before starting my experience with ProMotion Physical Therapy. Thank you Bob!
Rose Hockers
If you are a person who wants to try all options before the need for surgery, Bob is the man to help you. I had shoulder issues for quite some time. Numbness in both arms from shoulders to hands. After a few sessions, my aches and numbness was gone. He then provided exercises to build back my arm strength - expanding my routine each week. I can now continue doing my daily activities once again. Amazing experience. Thank you Bob!
Terri Garland
I highly recommend Bob Brady with ProMotion Physical Therapy! I was dealing with a very stubborn case of Plantar Fasciitis for the past 8 months and literally tried everything (PT for 8 weeks, two Podiatrists, dry needling, stretches, custom orthotics and the list goes on). I Googled "stubborn cases of PF and found Bob/ProMotion. I finally have relief! Bob pinpointed the exercises and stretching I needed to do for my specific case and I am so very grateful! Thank you!!
Sally Bunker
For me my appointments with Bob were life changing. I am now back into functioning mode after the professional and personal care I received from Bob. He helped me through his knowledge of the human body and pain with actual intensive physical work on his part, exercise guidance and life coaching. Additionally, his thoughts on mind/body awareness to bring things back to balance is truly eye opening. I not only see Bob as a stellar physical therapist, but a really good human being who cares deeply about his patients and his profession. I don't even know how to thank him.
Alec Paler
I cannot say enough good things about this place, I have had ongoing shoulder pain from and injury I suffered years ago, Bob took a look at me and gave me some exercises to do, after about 2-3 weeks my shoulder was in better shape than it ever has!
Jo Arrowood
Bob was amazing in helping me recover from to knee replacements in 2 months. He clearly personalized my therapy to fit my abilities and my recovery schedule. At the end of my therapy, he even came out to my on-site gym and greater a follow-up program designed to keep my progress going. We additionally shared additional information and studies on knee replacements, back pain and other areas. He is an amazing therapist to work with!!
Emily Riedel
I went to see Bob at ProMotion Physical Therapy after experiencing lower back and leg pain and I am so grateful that I did. Bob was able to pinpoint and work the area in my back that was causing issues, provided me with exercises for between appointments/any future flare-ups, and got me feeling like new again. I highly recommend Bob and ProMotion Physical Therapy! Can’t thank you enough, Bob!
Amy & Paul Bucheger
Bob Brady made a huge difference in the quality of my life. Not only did Bob provide physical therapy, he patiently taught me stretches and strength building practices I could use to improve my range of motion and reduce pain. Bob was always professional, understanding and encouraging as he guided me along the path to recovery. Bob was a master at motivating me to work toward being the best version of myself. Bob even provided a post-therapy plan I can follow to promote healthy living after recovery. Thank you, Bob!
Megan Wheeler
Before meeting Bob, I was struggling to reclaim my pre-mom lifestyle. My energy was low, I had zero motivation to pursue exercise and generally was not living the healthiest lifestyle. I have been training at ProMotion for 8 months. Not only do I enjoy strength training and workouts with Bob, but I have also benefited by losing weight and my annual health indicators have improved. These results are rewarding, but most importantly, Bob has given me the momentum to live a healthier lifestyle. I am stronger, have more energy and am back to enjoying fun activities that were part of my pre-mom days (downhill skiing, biking, hiking, running, water skiing, tennis, cardio classes...) I once again look forward to moving my body and enjoy doing these activities. Bob’s training has given me the stamina to rival my 2- and 4-year olds energy levels throughout a given day. During workouts, Bob pushes me to work harder than I believe I am capable of, resulting in both physical and mental confidence. Bob utilizes his expertise to teach how to safely and properly weight train, something that I had never learned throughout the years in community gyms and classes. Overall, Bob has given me the perspective and the momentum to live a healthier lifestyle that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Bob!

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